Just bought a home? Let’s decorate it on a budget!

Just bought a home? Let’s decorate it on a budget!

Congratulations! you literally scored a home run buying in this crazy 2021 real estate market. Your pockets feel dry after buying your new home but you are eager to start decorating? Perhaps you owned a home for a while and just want to give it a fresh look without breaking the bank? Now that we spend more time at home let’s give it a new look with just a few changes. It also helps to lift our spirits and renew vives to help our kids, partner and other people we share our home with. 

1. Pillows are actually the first step recommended by some home decorators. You pick an inspirational pillow and from there wall paint, and other accessories. Nowadays there are multiple unexpensive sites to find variety of pillows in all shapes, sizes, prices and materials for that home you just went through so many sacrifices to buy or the home you have enjoyed for a while now. Pillows not only go on sofas, beds, but can also go on the floor suggesting a grab me, let’s sit and play a game or let’s do make up, like on my daughter’s room she keeps lots of pillows, this season we are combining browns with pink and mint green color on the wall. I fell she needs a friendly space now that friends can stop by, also because she has been using her bedroom as a classroom, playroom, etc. Practically she lives there!

2.If you have been thinking about changing the color of some accent walls at home this is an unexpensive yet quick and fun do it yourself kind of project. If you are looking or thinking short term, go ahead and pick temporary colors for the season (pull a color from the pillows you bought). If you are thinking more long-term colors like I usually do due to time limitations, then the colors will need to be some you can live with for a while. I am not much of a decorator I am a real estate agent and have learned a trick or two from stagers, decorators, architects, etc…At the moment I have a basic gray on my walls (lots of choices on the grey color scale) this spring I plan on having some teal accent walls and pillows. I figure the tones will refresh the look and also can work during autumn and winter, if I don’t change my mind and decide to paint again 😊

3. Accessories of your liking, if your home has neutral colors on furniture and drapes you can decide to keep those neutrals on the décor as well or introduce statement colors of your choice as well as black and white. If you already have predominant colors on furniture and drapes you may want to keep the accessories neutral. 

I hope these easy ideas help you decorate your new home, congratulations on buying a home this year. I am a Realtor; my team and I would love to help you from this point on in keeping you up to date in such a complex real estate market in the Denver metro and Colorado in general. If you own a home and would like to explore the possibility of selling and buying or buying without selling, we work with multiple lenders who can do loans to get you into your next home without having to sell. We are Team Altitude, contact us and give yourself the chance to explore many possibilities not only about decorating your home with a budget but also for buying your dream home.

https://HablemosClaroConDiana.com/ or write me at Diana@MovingWithAltitude.com and let’s start this journey together.

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