Maximize your home’s value 2021

Maximize your home’s value 2021

Summer is here, one of my favorite’s seasons in Colorado, while the weather changes, the real estate market will stay hot no matter the time of year during 2021.

Sellers in the Denver metro area and many towns and cities in Colorado selling below $800,000 continue receiving offers above asking price, in many cases the offers come in anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000 or more above original sales price, but not only that…. It is typical for buyers to guaranty the contract price even though the appraisal may not reach the offered sales price.
The question here is… What improvements should you make to get top value for your home?

  1. Mechanisms:
    Let’s look at structure, foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, furnace and any other important mechanism, the wellbeing of these items help keeping the market value of your home. Even in this hot 2021 real estate market 80% of buyers are conducting inspections and can request repairs, or request credits instead of getting the items fixed. Our Team Altitude has a list of providers who in many occasions can wait to get paid for repairs at closing.
  2. Kitchen, bathrooms and flooring:
    Remodeled or well-kept kitchens, bathrooms and floors are key to attract more buyers willing to offer more for your home. But be careful not to price your home out of the neighborhood by doing a remodeling not typical to the area or overdoing what your neighbors have in average, unless you are doing it for your enjoyment and not hoping to get 100% out of the investment! Our Team Altitude offers free consultation to advice on what kind of improvements work for your area. This does not apply to areas with custom homes.
  3. Curb appeal and backyard:
    Depending on your neighborhood we can advise on how to improve the exterior look of your home on a budget (front, side and backyard). It has become a trend to do exterior fireplaces and BBQ stations to entertain, while they look beautiful keep in mind that while buyers could find it attractive, they may not be willing to pay more for your house than the neighbors just to have this entertaining area. It is not a decisive factor for most buyers. This does not apply to neighborhoods with custom homes
  4. Paint and Minimize décor:
    This will be a good time to start donating items you no longer need or want. The less furniture the better. Our Team can also give you consulting on how to decorate and staging in general but we will have another blog with a list of services we offer, staging is one of them. Painting is one of the less expensive improvements that will give you the most for your money, highly recommended! Use neutral tones.

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