Looking into selling and buying a home in 2021?

Looking into selling and buying a home in 2021?

I want to share my experience with clients who are looking at selling and buying this year of 2021, I am finding this move a smart one in many cases. You might be hearing about the challenges the current market brings to some buyers. But if you already own a home and have been thinking about buying a bigger house in 2021 or downsizing your current home this may be the right time for you, here are some pros to keep in mind.

1.You probably purchased your current home with an interest rate higher than the current one, you are probably paying on the original loan amount, but you owe less now. Interest rates are fluctuating between percentages in the 2s and 3s. This will give you saving in the short and long run and even a similar payment of what you have now or less, depending on the equity you will be moving from one house to the next.

2.You probably have a reasonable amount of equity/capital if you bought your current home 3 or more years ago, that equity depending on the amount, may allow you this time to obtain a better loan by using it as a generous down payment for next home and also eliminate mortgage insurance this time around, chances are if you originally applied to buy with a first time home buyer’s programs or gave minimum down payment that added a mortgage insurance to your monthly payment, you could eliminate it this time.

Bringing a higher down payment this time combined with a lower interest rate will improve you buying power and your chances to compete stronger in this market, it will show you are an experienced homeowner with strong financials which can put you at the top of the list when sellers are choosing an offer. It also opens the opportunity to buy new construction, I have an extensive background in guiding buyers when planning to have their home build.

I have created a detailed questionary we go over with every builder and the buyer to make sure you take full advantage of our knowledge to negotiate, understand all warranties, mechanisms offered or not offered and how every builder works differently. My team can help you navigate all the ins and outs of selling and buying in this market 2021. Give us a call 720-297-1368 or follow us on our social media or YouTube channel @Hablemos claro con Diana. www.Hablemosclarocondiana.com  

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