Infallible strategy to sell for more

Infallible strategy to sell for more

1. Pricing your home correctly. Inflating the price above fair market value discourages buyers from visiting it,as a result it stays for sale longerand loweroffers are expected. These days more buyers and agents are informed as technology shows them how much other neighbors have sold for recently. Our strategy avoids this mistake we willprice it to receive multiple offers above asking price.

2. Preparation is important. Our team can decorate or find a decorator, we also use professional photographers to create high quality pictures and videos to showcase your home. We also advise you on necessary and not so necessary repairs remember the strategy is to get the most money for your home.

3. Timing to start advertisement and let the potential buyers and agents know of the sale needs to be done on an specific day wewill determine depending on the time of year, the day when we start allowing visits will be different this is crucial to create urgency amongst potential buyers.

4. Throughout this processin our teamthe agent, client coordinator and transaction coordinator keep an eye on every detail to make the process smooth and efficient. The offers will start coming! It is time to negotiate and we are experts in this matter to get you the most money for your house.

5. Closing time and you will be excited because the results speak for themselves your gains are expected because we will show you the figures ahead of time. You will be able to keep moving forward with any other plans you have for example buying again. We will be here to continue being your real estate advisors

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